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Immediate Care North Scottsdale, Desert Ridge & North Phoenix. We Bring Adult & Children Healthcare to Your Home

Welcome to House Call HealthCare! We Bring Adult & Children Urgent Care Type Services to Your Home. We Specializes in Child & Adult Sick Visits, Mobile Flu Shots and Sports Physicals. We Serve the Areas of North Scottsdale, Desert Ridge, North Phoenix, AZ. For More Information Call Us or Text Today at (480) 508-0700. We Accept Same Day Appointments!

When a last minute urgent care set back happens at home, it can be an extremely stressful time for everyone in the family. From finding the right doctor to figuring out where to go, migrating your loved ones to a clinic can be a challenging task when someone is in pain or discomfort. That is where House Call HealthCare comes in! Our home healthcare services are easy, accessible, and convenient for every member of the family who experiences a last minute urgent care setback or needs a medical service. Our main practitioner, Tiffany Vossoughi DNP, specializes in providing a large variety of at-home healthcare services to patients of all ages, from children to adults. Instead of waiting hours in line at your local hospital for medical care or making an appointment months in advance, House Call Healthcare in Scottsdale, AZ offers the convenient alternative of fast and efficient care delivered at your home. We know that it can be a stressful time when a last minute medical service is needed in the family, which is why we make it easy and accessible to receive medical care with House Call Healthcare.

We offer the highest quality of medical care in the Scottsdale area, and our team can travel to North Scottsdale, Desert Ridge, South Scottsdale, and North Phoenix to help you and your loved ones. While hospitals and urgent care centers can be a great option for families who are flexible and are willing to wait for medical care, House Call Healthcare is a great option for anyone who prefers the convenience of saving time and effort. When our medical professionals visit your home, they can prescribe you with any treatments that you need to get healthy  and answer any questions that you may have about flu shots, physicals, and many other last minute services.

If House Call Healthcare sounds like the right option for your family, then we welcome you to schedule an appointment with us today. We offer care to many neighborhoods around Scottsdale, and can work with patients of all ages, including children. Our team has the knowledge and compassion to provide every patient with a high quality medical experience, and have you feeling better as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible medical care in Scottsdale, AZ and are happy to tell you more about our services when you schedule your appointment today. We look forward to helping you feel better soon at House Call Healthcare!

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Patient Feedback & Reviews

his service has been great! It was nice to have someone who could help me immediately when I couldn’t get help from my primary doctor…

Home Healthcare Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ

Emilie W

We have used House call HealthCare a couple times and have been thrilled with Tiffany. The first time was to treat my children and she was able to come within 2 hours…

Home Healthcare Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ

Kelly P

Thank you for taking care of my son while he had a bad stomach virus. IV fluid and Zoran in the home!! What an exceptional service. Worth every cent!!!

Home Healthcare Near Me in Scottsdale, AZ

Julie G

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