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House Call Doctor in North Phoenix, AZ

Our House Call Doctor in North Phoenix, AZ Can Help You Get the Medical Attention You Need Right in Your Own Home. Call (480) 508-0700 to Book an Appointment Today!

House Call Doctor in North Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes when you’re sick, you just want to stay home. Going out, even to see a doctor, just isn’t appealing. And sometimes an injury can keep you from leaving home. This is when at-home healthcare is more than just a convenience. House Call HealthCare is available for patients like you in the North Phoenix area, and we make healthcare as accessible as you need it to be when leaving home just isn’t an option.

We’re able to provide on-site, at-home services like checkups for adults or chickenpox vaccinations for children. We can treat patients of any age, including the elderly. Do you have a loved one with a disability that makes it difficult for them to travel to the doctor? House Call HealthCare would be happy to help. We can diagnose and treat patients right in their home, right on the spot. If you need a house call doctor in North Phoenix AZ, then get in touch with us!

How is at-home health care different from walk-in clinic health care?

Walk-in clinics can be very convenient compared to alternatives. But if you’re interested in the most convenient health care possible, then at-home care is it.

Walk-ins offer same-day service, and so does at-home care. They both offer similar services too. You’ll receive the same quality of healthcare, but with at-home care, you won’t have to leave home at all.

Also, with at-home health care providers like House Call HealthCare, you can receive virtual medical care over the internet. This way, you’ll be able to speak with a professional online from your computer. Our online professionals are able to offer advice and even treatment options, depending on your condition.

How can House Call HealthCare help me and my family?

We can provide many services either online or in your home. We can diagnose and treat common illnesses and injuries, all without you having to leave the comforts of home. Some of the services we offer include:

● Immediate care for adults
● Pediatric care for your children
● Geriatric care for the elderly
● IV nutritional therapy
● Hormone replacement therapy
● Testing and treatment for common ailments like sprains or colds
● Vaccinations and immunizations
● Prescription fills
● Telemedicine

Does House Call HealthCare provide checkups and physicals?

Yes! We provide checkups and physicals, like annual physicals or work-related physicals. It can be convenient and comforting to receive a physical at home, instead of at a clinic. Our professionals will be polite and professional in your home. Our pediatric care professionals are experienced with treating children, so you can expect them to be patient with your child. We offer pediatric physicals too, just in case your child needs a last-minute physical for school or for a sports team!

Can I get a house call doctor in North Phoenix, AZ?

We serve the North Phoenix community and beyond here at House Call HealthCare. We offer convenient hours 7 days a week, with extended hours from Monday to Thursday. You can book an appointment with us, and if you need same-day service, we can accommodate you! We want you to receive quick and convenient care with us, so we’re here for you just about whenever you need us.

Contact us at (480) 508-0700, and we will help you decide whether you need a virtual or in-home appointment. Either way, you can expect our staff to be helpful, and to take care of you. We hope to hear from you soon, and we look forward to offering you the most convenient care you’ll find in North Phoenix!

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