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Medical Weight Loss Treatments in North Phoenix, AZ

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Medical Weight Loss Treatments in North Phoenix, AZ

Losing weight can be challenging considering how busy our lives are nowadays. Between everything you have going on, who has time for an exercise schedule or meal preparation? You also may have certain genetics or family history that may make it difficult to lose weight. Finally, lifestyle choices could also be a roadblock to reaching your weight goals. The experts at House Call HealthCare are available to help you with medical weight loss.

Instead of making an appointment and traveling to a doctor, we come to you! Our mobile clinic offers convenient services at your home. We can even conduct virtual appointments using telemedicine. With our extended hours seven days a week, you do not need to take a day off of work and drive across North Phoenix to get the medical care you need. We will bring effective and safe medical weight loss treatments to your home instead of spending countless hours with nutritionists and doctors, slowly developing a plan for you. We will work with you to create a customized medical weight loss solution that will fit your needs and meet your goals, all within the comfort of your home.

At House Call HealthCare, we do not use a cookie cutter approach to medical weight loss. Our individualized medical weight loss plan is one of the most effective medical weight loss strategies available. Our customized endocrine approach encourages weight loss in a safe, and healthy way. We have years of experience in helping patients in the North Phoenix area lose weight regardless of age and lifestyle.

One factor that can cause unhealthy weight gain is hormone imbalances. These can be difficult to monitor and control without expert medical assistance. We use a novel endocrine approach to weight loss. This will help you lose weight not only naturally, but also safe. Our experienced team will review all the ins and outs of this and other weight loss strategies to make sure you are educated and informed during the process. At any time, feel free to ask us questions or to have something explained again. When you schedule your first consultation with us, we can give you all of the information you need at your home.

House Call HealthCare is a safe, and convenient way to lose weight in North Phoenix. A highly skilled medical team with effective weight loss strategies are available to you and only a phone call away. Gone are the times of rearranging your schedule in advance and going to a doctor’s office. Skip the step of having a primary care physician refer you to a medical weight loss specialist and have us come to you immediately. Receive our novel endocrine weight loss treatment from the comfort of your home.

House Call HealthCare is available every day of the week from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm. Our board-certified doctors and experienced staff will come to you. Make an appointment today via our website. You can also call us at (480) 508-0700 to make an appointment or if you have any questions about medical weight loss. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

We look forward to being invited into your home and help you meet your weight loss goals!

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